Hands-on leader of multiple departments including Azure Engineers (4), DevOps (3), Security (2) and HelpDesk (3), developing strategy, including policies, procedures, tools and metrics to align the infrastructure and service operations teams with RenPSG’s strategic goals. Lead the planning, design, and implementation of enterprise-level infrastructure and services deployed into Azure Cloud environment. Responsible for overseeing the internal infrastructure, cloud infrastructure and operations as well the service operations team.

  • Lead the strategy, planning and execution of all cloud infrastructure initiatives.
  • Design/maintain long-term roadmap for core service capabilities and recommended initiatives.
  • Coordinate across product/engineering teams to widely socialize teams’ priorities across all products.
  • Redesigned Azure DevOps pipelines to include security scanning tools and automated processes
  • including testing, security scanning and email reports.
  • Establish and implement processes for the ongoing proactive management and maintenance of cloud solution infrastructure, including patch management of all software.